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MARCH 2022


9 days
Private tour for a group of 12-18 food lovers including a behind the scenes experince in Buenos Aires, and time in the jungles of Iguazu Falls. Learn to dance. Explore the city like a local. Get drenched under the waterfalls. Completely private experience with delicious surprises along the way.


Day 1 - March 02, 2022 Wednesday
International flight to Argentina, typically overnight. 
Day 2 - March 03, 2022 Thursday
Buenos Aires Arrival (L, D)
Morning arrival at the Buenos Aires Airport EZE. We meet your local guide, and enjoy a private transfer from the airport to your hotel. 
If early check in is not available, we will accommodate your tour as soon as our luggage is settled at the hotel. Our welcome to Buenos Aires Sightseeing Experience will include the beautiful North Area. Enjoy a fully private personalized service with an English speaking guide and a comfortable vehicle. 
We will start at La Biela Remarkable Cafe, a unique spot in the city. Enjoy a coffee or classic hot chocolate with croissants or classic toasted sandwich before we set out to explore the city.  In the range of classic places in the city of Buenos Aires, one of the most alive and qualified referents is La Biela. This historic bar in the elegant neighborhood of La Recoleta keeps its prestige and prosapia intact as a  meeting place, being one of the redoubts that give the city its unmistakable elegant and cosmopolitan air. A special mention deserves the photographs located on the wide bar. All of them were taken by great Argentinean literature:  Adolfo Bioy Casares, who took the photos in order to illustrate with them a book by Jorge Luis Borges. Both were regular clients  of La Biela, and these photos attest to the passage of time in the neighborhood of La Recoleta, also showing a facet perhaps little known by this great writer: the photographer. 
We continue with our tour of the city’s classics. Buenos Aires is one of the most fascinating cities in both Latin America and the world. Be it for its splendid and varied  architecture, with its old colonial buildings, French palaces and state-of-the-art skyscrapers; for its vibrant nightlife and endless  cultural options; or maybe just for the rich identity of the Porteños, who proudly bear the European heritage of their ancestors,  more and more visitors are coming to visit.  
In Retiro and Recoleta, we will learn about the dream of our local aristocrats in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when  they sought to build a small-scale Paris in the heart of Buenos Aires. After visiting the impressive Plaza San Martín, where Jorge  Luis Borges used to take his walks, we’ll stroll down Avenida Alvear, chosen by the world’s most distinguished brands to install  their exclusive boutiques, looking up to see the many wonderful French-style palaces which nowadays house a number of  embassies. Then we’ll visit the Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar, one of the city’s oldest churches, which dates to the Colonial  era. Finally, we’ll admire the celebrated Recoleta Cemetery, a true labyrinth of ornate mausoleums. We’ll make a stop at Eva  Peron’s grave, one of the country’s most recognizable icons.
We’ll come across sumptuous French palaces again in Palermo Chico, the area of Palermo best known for its large parks  designed by celebrated landscape architects, such as the illustrious Frenchman Charles Thays. We will pass through San  Martiniano Institute, embassies, museums, and significant monuments, and also the parks and green área: El Rosedal (Rose  Garden), Monument “Carta Magna and the Four Regions of Argentina” and the Botanical Garden. 
Enjoy lunch at one of Buenos Aires’ beautiful restaurants during the tour. 

Sated Ventures Surprise element today - Tango Surprise at the Park 
Then we return to the hotel to rest and unwind on our own. Dinner arranged near hotel tonight. 
Day 3 - March 04, 2022 Friday 
Buenos Aires (B, L, D)
Good morning from Buenos Aires! Enjoy breakfast. 
Afterwards, we set out for another day of exploring Buenos Aires - today we visit the South Area. We will visit Plaza de Mayo, the city’s foundational site and witness of our country’s political history.  There we’ll find the Pink House, our Presidential Palace, the Cabildo, our primitive town hall, and the Neoclassical-styled  Metropolitan Cathedral, the final home of Argentina’s founding father, José de San Martín.  
We’ll then head for San Telmo, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. It used to be the residential district favored by  the upper class until late 19th century when a yellow fever epidemic caused the wealthier families to leave northwards. The area  was marginalized until the 1970s when many artists and artisans came to San Telmo to install their workshops. Nowadays,  thanks to its amazing architecture and hip atmosphere, this ancient neighborhood is really blooming. We’ll walk its cobbled  streets, where the city’s colonial past seems to come back to life, making a stop at Plaza Dorrego, best known for its traditional  antiques fair, held every Sunday, along with the local Market. 
Leaving San Telmo behind, we’ll continue southwards to La Boca, one of the city’s most authentic and charming neighborhoods.  It is a working-class district, heavily shaped by Italian immigrants who came to our country in large numbers during the last  quarter of the 19th century. Here, we’ll make a special visit to the mythical Caminito Street, which sums up everything that  gives La Boca its distinctive spirit: the strong passion for soccer, the heavy presence of art and color, and the Tango-esque atmosphere.  
At last, we`ll pass through Puerto Madero, the latest addition to the city’s neighborhoods. In 1991, its huge warehouses and  silos were remodeled and redesigned, to finally integrate the river to the city and to create a new corporative, residential, hotel and gastronomically district, which has become the playground for the pretty Porteños and the international jet-set.  
Then, we stop for Choripan & Beer in San Telmo Food Market -includes 1 Choripan + 1 Beer or soft drink in one of the Market stands. Preferably from Wednesday to Sunday.  Enjoy a savory stop at the traditional market of San Telmo, to have a choripan (sausage in a bun) with a glass of cold beer or soft  drink. Why San Telmo Market?: This large indoor market has stalls offering everything from antiques to fresh fruit and spices. With a  typically Italian facade and large interior spaces, the Mercado de San Telmo opened in 1897 to cater to the needs of the new  wave of immigrants arriving from Europe. The stalls have since been updated but the internal structure of the market remains  the same, with metal columns and beams, so stepping inside is still like stepping back in time. The building was declared a  National Historic Monument in the year 2000. There are stalls selling food, antiques, crafts, records, and toys, making for an  eclectic mix. The Coffee Town stall is known for having some of the best coffee in the city. 
Enjoy Lunch at a traditional restaurant, typical "bodegón". In Argentina, in addition to having national dishes and desserts, we have a "traditional Argentine cuisine", which is also a  mixture of Italian, Spanish and German dishes, all together in the same menu. This characteristic is due to the strong emigration  that our country had in ancient times. This feeling of "belonging to the city", it´s transmitted through the abundance and  accessibility of its food, and also by its environment. Each bodegon in Buenos Aires that lasts is a space of living history, that is  why sitting at their tables is one of the best ways to get to know the city. 
In the afternoon, Tango Lesson in a Typical Conventillo in La Boca  
Private Experience (Personalized) | During our  visit of La Boca & Caminito, we enjoy a Tango Lesson in a typical "conventillo"(tenant house).  
Afterwards, enjoy a 3 course dinner & live Tango Show with transfers and drinks included. Café de los Angelitos was, during more than a century, one of the most traditional cafes in Buenos Aires. Nowadays; this  traditional corner dresses in all its finery to welcome one of the best tango shows in the world, without losing any of its original  bohemian charm. Revamped in accordance, its 1500 square meters consisting of two floors and a basement, display luxury and  distinction even in the most irrelevant details. 

After dinner: Milonga Dancing Night - The Real and Authentic Tango Experience. Private Experience with Local Tango Dancer as evening host (teacher of the local academy) |  Duration: 3 hours | Entrance tickets to 1 Milonga, with Table reservation (no meals or drinks included). 
Deeply rooted in Argentinean culture, tango has fascinated and captivated the world with its sexuality, power, and beauty.  During this experience, you will have the opportunity to visit two or three traditional “Milongas” (venues where locals attend to  dance the tango) accompanied by a professional taxi dancer who will teach you how to dance the tango or at least basic steps  so you can blend in the hall. We also will inform you about the history and interesting facts of this eternal dance. It is not necessary to be an expert dancer,  you will find a good mix of ages and levels of dancers. Each Milonga is different, some of them are very formal, where single men  and women sit separately and only ask people to dance using the “cabeceo” (a funny system of asking for and accepting dances  using your head and eye contact); while Others have dance performances or live music with an orchestra almost every night. 


Day 4 - March 05, 2022 Saturday 
Buenos Aires (B, L, D)
Sleep in and enjoy breakfast. 
Then set out for a Tigre and Delta Experience with lunch at Gato Blanco Restaurant. Duration: Full Day (7 hours) | Includes Tour around Tigre City, and private boat ride in the Delta | 3-course lunch with 1 soft drink and 1 bottle of  wine every 2 guests at Gato Blanco Restaurant, located in a Delta Island.  
It may be hard to believe that a few minutes drive from the chaos of the city, nature and silence seem to have defeated the piles  of concrete and the frenzy of urban life. Tigre, has become the gateway to the astonishing Paraná River Delta and will allow us  to enjoy nature and fresh air from the river, to release our tensions and stress.  The city of Tigre is the gateway to the Paraná River Delta, a 14.000 square kilometres natural wonder. It encompasses thousands  of luscious green islands filled with autochthonous species. We will sail the exotic channels of the Delta, we’ll experience a  fascinating nautical experience. 
We will stop for lunch at Gato Blanco Restaurant, and enjoy a nice meal by the riverside.  We will also visit the elegant Paseo Victorica, where the Tigre Club & Casino is located. This splendid building recently  renovated and restored, presently houses the Municipal Museum of Fine Arts. 
In the afternoon, enjoy a private Tango Lesson in a Local Tango Academy. Duration: 1 hour, 15 minutes 
Then off to Dinner at Piegari Ristorante - 3-course menu | Half a bottle of wine and one soft drink per person | Walking distance from Sofitel  Recoleta Hotel. Located in exclusive neighborhood of Recoleta, Piegari Ristorante, counts with more than 21 years of trajectory. It has become  an Argentinean gastronomic icon, for both, quality of its dishes and for its excellence service. Piegari Ristorante possesses a wide  variety in its menu, to satisfy all kinds of taste. Piegari offers the true artisanal Italian cuisine, along with a selection of  international cuisine. 
After dinner, experience the underground Buenos Aires on a Speakeasy Cocktail  Adventure! Private Experience (Personalized) | Vehicle and English speaking Bartender host at disposal | Duration: Half Day (4 hours) | Visit  3 of the best cocktail bars in town and enjoy 1 cocktail per bar (food is not included) | Speakeasy personalized book with notes  and cocktails recipes and Hangover Kit included | Preferably, from Wednesday to Saturday. Imagine for a moment that you travel back in time... It is 1930, New York City, during the days of prohibition. You have an envelope with a clue and if you are smart enough to guess  the correct answer, you will join the mystery of the secret Speakeasy Bars… Even to this day, Buenos Aires boasts a wide variety of close-door bars that recreate the atmosphere and style of those old  times. Since they are usually above, below, or behind something else that makes them less-than-easy to locate, we offer our  travelers a different and unique experience: an expert bartender guides them through the city's intriguing prohibition-style  cocktail dens. 
Day 5 - March 06, 2022 Sunday
Buenos Aires (B, L)
Good morning from Buenos Aires! Enjoy breakfast. 

We leave the city for the day, and enjoy a Gaucho Experience in The Pampas - at the El Ombu de Areco Ranch. Duration 8 hours 
Visit San Antonio de Areco Town, access to a local silversmith workshop & stop for a drink in a traditional  Pulpería | Enjoy a Country Day at El Ombu de Areco Ranch - Includes: Reception with welcome drinks and empanadas, BBQ  Lunch (with beverages and wine) + Tea Time | Activities: Horseback riding, sulky ride, guitar playing with folk dance and  demonstration of Indian dressage or troop demonstration, plus the use of the facilities: swimming pool, bikes, and many  indoor/outdoor games.  
Visit to San Antonio de Areco town - Stop at silversmith workshops & Stop for "Vermouth (or "vermú") at local Pulpería: The  invitation is to immerse in the local environment of this historical town, the cultural legacy of Gauchos, Argentine traditions,  local craftsmen and Fine Arts. An aromatized aperitif flavored with various botanicals (roots, barks, flowers, seeds, herbs, and  spices) typically served in town bars, is a local tradition visitors should not miss either! 
Ideally located only 120 km from Buenos Aires and close to San Antonio de Areco in the heart of the Pampa, we will reach the  Estancia ‘El Ombu de Areco’. The main house is surrounded by a covered gallery typical of the late-Colonial period, with a richly  tiled floor and cascaded steps that lead into the gardens of the park. Presiding majestically over the park is the estancia's  namesake, the great Ombú, a plant as characteristic of the pampas as the baobab is of the African savanna. Nearly as ancient as  well: gauchos have been hitching their horses to the estancia's main Ombú for over a hundred years. 

An authentic countryside day: Once at the estancia visitors can enjoy horseback riding or go for a ride in a sulky or carriage,  whilst enjoying some "empanadas" and beverages. At lunchtime, you enjoy a typical "Asado" (BBQ) prepared using only the  finest quality meats. Dessert is accompanied by a folk music performance, which is followed by a demonstration of gaucho skills  (equestrian demonstrations: horse whisper or tropillas).  
Among the different activities: Birdwatching, relax by the swimming pool with solarium; play ping-pong (Table Tennis) or  metegol (table football), as well as volleyball and football; ride bicycles or just contemplate de beauty of the Pampas.  
**Sated Ventures Surprise element - Folk Dance Lesson by "Guacho & Chinita" Performance Private lesson at El Ombu de Areco Ranch | Includes Malambo Dancers couple & gauchos | Duration: 1 hours aprox. 
Enjoy a passionate performance of highly skilled gauchos, during an unforgettable show that highlights a part of the Argentine  culture: the Malambo. What is Malambo? It´s a traditional folkloric dance that was born in the Argentine Pampas as far back as the 1600s. But it is  not simply a dance, but also an expression that leads man to go inside himself, being his musical instrument. With strong  rhythms and rhythmic drums, the Malambo is a dance worthy of being contemplated, heard, and felt. Its music has no lyrics at  all because it is based entirely on rhythm. During the 19th century, Malambo was the battleground for gauchos to prove their  dance prowess and vigor. This peculiar native dance was traditionally performed by men, however, the female Malambo is  gaining strength in the country, accompanying the new positioning of women in dance and the opening of gazes regarding  gender, according to references of local Folklore scene. Malambo has been shaped differently both in the north and in the south  of our country, this particular identity dance is done with the feet, in the smallest possible surface, a series of cycles of  movements called removals.  
We return to Buenos Aires and rest for the evening. Dinner on your own and is not included. 
Day 6 - March 07, 2022 Monday 
Buenos Aires - Iguazu Falls (B, D)
Good morning from Buenos Aires! Enjoy breakfast. 
Private transfer from hotel to domestic Airport with English guide assistance for a short flight to Iguazu Falls! Reception by  private car and transfer to your hotel. Free time to rest, and enjoy lunch on your own, lunch is not included. 
Mercure Iguazu Hotel - standard rooms
Comfort and nature combine harmoniously with the environment. 100 spacious and comfortable rooms located at the heart of the Iryapú Jungle, just 20 minutes from Puerto Iguazú International Airport and close to the region's main tourist attractions. 
Puerto Iguazu is located in north-east Argentina, in Misiones province on the border with Brazil and Paraguay. It is most famous for its waterfalls, one of the 7 Wonders of the World.

In the evening, enjoy the Argentine Experience Iguazú – Cocktail & Dinner Experience - 3-course interactive dinner proposal in English and Portuguese (shared table) | Soft drinks and wine pairing included. Fun, interactive and delicious! 
A memorable interactive dining experience that allows you to delve into all aspects of Argentine  cuisine and culture. Wine, steak, empanadas, sweets and Mate all in one unforgettable culinary extravaganza in Iguazú. A unique  dinner party concept that will teach you the fundamentals of what being an Argentine is all about in a fun and relaxed  atmosphere. Learn how to close your own empanada using the "repulgue" technique, to order steak your way in Spanish, to  prepare your own "mate" drink, learning also typical words, phrases and a quite wide range of gestures.  The evening will get off to a spectacular start with an "empanada" making class. You will learn how to make this staple  ingredient of Argentine cuisine, competing at the end the challenge, with a prize for the best "empanada". Then you will sit back  and enjoy the rest of the group creations, along with grilled provoleta cheese and sliced chorizo sausage with chimichurri. Afterwards, will move onto the main course; a mouthwatering Argentine steak! While enjoying your meal, a sommelier will  teach you about another key Argentine element the "Malbec" wine.  For dessert, you will learn how to make an "alfajor" with "dulce de leche"; Argentina’s national sweet. Of course, no alfajores or  any sweet in Argentina is complete without mate! You will learn how to prepare it yourself and will sit back, sipping mate and of  course, make a round, the same way as Argentinians do every time they gather. Closed on Sundays. 
Day 7 - March 08, 2022 Tuesday
Iguazu Falls (B, L, D)
Good morning from Iguazu Falls! Enjoy breakfast. 
Then off on our private Argentinian Side Waterfalls Full Day Walking Tour 

The Iguazú National Park is located in the northwest of the province of Misiones and preserves the ecosystem of the Paraná  jungle, an ecological region that covers almost the entire provincial territory. Its natural treasure is the Iguazú Falls: 275  waterfalls that reach an altitude of almost 80 meters (260 feet). Declared one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature in the World  and also, Natural Heritage of Humanity. 
The Lower Circuit is made up of a trail approximately 1.3 km (0.6 miles) long that allows us to get closer to some of the smallest  waterfalls on the Argentinian side. We will walk along the path, which is equipped with bathrooms and bars, and we will  approach the Carlos Bozzetti waterfall, where you can take excellent photographs. 

The Superior Circuit, accessible for wheelchairs, allows us to see the top of the majestic waterfalls on the Argentinian side and  enjoy an impressive panoramic view of the area. The view stretches from the Argentinian Falls to San Martin Island and parts of  the Brazilian Falls. The Devil's Throat is the largest waterfall in the region and where the greatest amount of water flows through the Iguazú Falls.  At an impressive altitude of 107 meters (350 feet), the Devil's Throat is a must-see feature of Iguazu Falls. Thanks to the newly  built walkway, it is possible to get quite close. 
Great Adventure Boat Ride included! The Great Adventure combines the essence of the lguazú National Park: the jungle and the waterfalls in a single tour. Starting  from its Operational Center or from the Visitors Center, we will enter the jungle through the narrow Yacaratiá Trail in units designed for this particular environment. This 5-km ride ends in the jungle base Puerto Macuco, from where we will descend  100 meters to reach the pier and board the boat with which we will go back 6 km through the Lower section of the Iguazú River canyon to the waterfall area, enjoying the mighty rivers rapid. 
We will arrive at the base of the Three Musketeers Falls, with a great view of Brazilian and Argentine falls, with the Devil's  Throat. Afterwards, we will reach the most exciting point of the navigation when facing the incomparable San Martín Fall,  second in terms of size and the largest that a boat can approach. To finish, we will disembark at the pier located in front of San Martín Island from where we can take the catwalks path, through  the Lower Circuit. - We recommend bringing: Comfortable shoes, light clothing, insect repellent, sunscreen, raincoat/hood and extra clothing as  you may finish the tour completely wet. The boat ride can be suspended due to bad weather conditions. 
- This activity is restricted to the following people: Pregnant women, People with osteoporosis, neck, back conditions or surgery, People with heart conditions or surgery, People with COPD or neurological condition or surgery, People with any physical, cognitive or/and sensorial disability unable to react in a nautical emergency in the rapids of the Iguazú river lower section. Lunch arranged. 


In the evening, Dinner at La Aldea de la Selva Lodge Thematic Restaurant - Welcome drink and typical local dance by  Fortin Mbororé Community | Includes 3 course meals with 1 bottle soft drink per person. The Guaraní Nation covered the great jungle areas of South America from the Amazon River basin, until almost reaching the  mouth of the Paraná river. Composed of diverse ethnic groups, united by a language of singular beauty, knowledge of  agriculture and a worldview linked to the jungle. With semi-sedentary habits, their tradition, hunting and fishing methods,  legends, beliefs and their language, are preserved to this day and coexist with the new customs of various cities and towns in  this region. 
Day 8 - March 09, 2022 Wednesday 
Iguazu - Buenos Aires (B, L, D)
Good morning from Iguazu Falls! Enjoy breakfast. 

Then we cross the border for a morning private tour to the Brazilian Side Waterfalls. The Iguaçu National Park was created in 1939 by the Decree N° 1035. 35. It preserves the largest remnant of the Atlantic forest  (semi-deciduous seasonal) in southern Brazil. 
The name of the Park refers to the Iguazú River, which in the Guaraní language means "big water". It has 185,262.5 thousand  hectares and has enormous biodiversity. 
Get a close-up view of the Devil's Throat, from the Brazilian side. We will observe how 14 cascades of 350 feet (107 meters)  precipitate with such force that a cloud of fog 100 feet (30 meters) high remains suspended above. This area is famous for its  rainbows and the opportunities to get a photo of them! 
For a close-up of the falls, we will walk through the subtropical forest of the park to the base of Salto Floriano. Then we will take  the elevator to the top of the falls to have the most wonderful views. 
Lunch at Porto Canoas Restaurant - Iguaçu National Park (Brazil) 
3-course Self-service buffet | Beverages are not included. Located in the Iguaçu National Park, on the banks of the Iguaçu River, providing a unique view from the top of the famous Falls.  Porto Canoas restaurant offers a wide variety of foods, drinks and desserts and the soundtrack of this environment are the  whispers of the Iguaçu Falls. 
After lunch, we stop at the local famous Bird Park - Parque das Aves Parque das Aves is an internationally recognized bird recovery and conservation center. Located in Foz do  Iguaçu, next to the Iguaçu National Park and in the middle of the rich and exuberant Atlantic Rainforest, it covers 16.5 hectares  of Atlantic Forest preserved with the aim of providing a comfortable habitat for animals. This will not only allow us to feel the flapping of the macaws and closely observe the toucans, but also, we will be in direct  contact with more than 1,320 birds of almost 143 different species, many of them threatened, coming from the 4 corners of  Brazil and from various parts of the world. 
Afterwards, private transfer to the domestic airport IGR for your flight back to Buenos Aires AEP. Reception and private transfer to our final hotel for a night of tango!

Check in at Faena Hotel Buenos Aires - Park View Rooms
Faena Hotel welcomes its guests to its fantastic world in a long hallway with a red rug and black horsehair bench. From the  Library Lounge, with its tufted leather sofas and crystal candelabras to the white-and-red Bistro Sur, with unicorn heads  adorning the walls, the hotel’s restaurants and bars take theatrical design to new heights. Each one of its 108 rooms is designed  to offer its guests a unique experience in modern elegance. Inspired by Alan Faena and designed by Philippe Starck, the rooms  are infused with the romance and decadence of la belle époque, while inspiring a sense of modernity and superior comfort. 
Tonight, Rojo Tango at Faena Hotel - the best show in Buenos Aires! 
3 course dinner & live Tango Show. Located inside the exclusive Faena Hotel, Rojo Tango - A cabaret designed by Phillippe Starck - is passion, madness and glamour  in a history that ends transforming itself into a legend. Rojo Tango is a fascinating proposal that seduces all the senses  combining sounds, fragrances, colors, movements and flavors. 

Day 9 - March 10, 2022 Thursday 
Buenos Aires - Home  (B)
Sleep in and enjoy a lovely breakfast at the hotel. 
After checking out and storing our luggage, enjoy a private afternoon tour: Market Visit & Cooking Lessons with lunch at Espacio Azai. Duration:  Half Day (5 hours) | Market visit with the Chef as a host + Cooking Lessons at Espacio Azaí | Lunch with soft drinks and wine included. We will begin our experience with a visit to Mercado de Belgrano, up north in the neighborhood of the same name. Originally inaugurated in 1891, but recently renovated the market offers not only a glimpse into Argentine everyday foods but  also international flavors. Our Chef host will show us around telling us about the history of different Argentine produce, and how  and when they are usually prepared and eaten. 
Later we will move to the west to the neighborhood of Chacarita, to go to Espacio Azaí, a loft-type space specially designed for  cooking and having a good time. 
With a professional, state-of-the-art kitchen, you only need to bring a willingness to learn and have fun; we will provide all the  rest, from cookware to aprons. So as to ensure that the cooking process is experienced to the fullest, classes are interactive and  the idea is for attendants to participate, but you can choose not to if you would rather relax and observe. At the end of each  class, we share the table to have a degustation of the dishes previously cooked accompanied by a glass of Argentine wine.  Observations: The market is closed on Sundays. 
> Chipas (yucca root starch cheese bread) 
> Empanadas de carne y humita (sweet corn and meat hand pies). 
> Carbonada (typical argentine stew) 
> Panqueques de dulce de leche (Caramel flat pancakes)  
After the experience, we gather up our luggage from the Faena, and begin the drive to the international airport for your evening flight home. Dinner is on your own and not included. Say farewell to your local guide and the city of tango!
Day 10 - March 11, 2022 Friday 
Arrival Home 
Your international flight will land back in the USA today.



Price Includes:
Round trip flights from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls; all airport and land transfers, English speaking guide throughout, accommodation as specified, meals as specified (B-breakfast, L-lunch, D-dinner), entrance fees to visitor sites specified.

Price does not include:
international airfare to Argentina and back; meals not specified, alcoholic drinks, mandatory travel insurance, personal expenses, and tips. 

Requirements to enter Ecuador & Galapagos:
Passport valid for minimum 6 months on the day of departure
Covid19 Vaccination Certificate OR Negative Covid19 Test Result less than 72 hours old
Travel Insurance 

Important Notes:
Non refundable deposit ($1,999) per person is required at booking
Balance due 90 days prior to departure


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