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When Things Go Wrong.

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Travel is full of surprises. Unexpected gifts, sunrises, and connections. However, unpleasant surprises are not uncommon. Sprained ankles, missed flights, and strikes.

Any of these can happen to you. The difference is, when you travel with Sated Ventures, you are not alone.

Recently, a guest traveling on her own arrived to begin her dream trip to the Galapagos. All was beautifully planned for her, however, first day in Ecuador, she slipped in the shower and broke her arm.

The next few days would have been a scary experience for anyone traveling on their own.

But our client was never alone - Sated Ventures made sure she was cared for, had the best medical team, and new services set up while she recovered from surgery.

These are the little things you cannot see between the lines of an itinerary. Talk with your travel planner about "what happens if..."

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