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Yoga around the world!

Where's the most unique place you've done yoga or have dreamed of doing yoga?

Yoga’s journey around the world showcases its incredible adaptability and universal appeal. Whether in the traditional ashrams of India or in the Amazon Rainforest, yoga continues to evolve, reflecting the diverse cultures and lifestyles it touches.

Let's explore some of the most unique places we've found to practice yoga....

Latin America: A Growing Yoga Community

  • Stop mid-way during a hike in Peru to practice your tree pose and give your hiking muscles a break.

  • Book a private one-on-one yoga session in one of the many wellness resorts we partner with.

  • Join like minded travelers on a yoga retreat to a secluded location in Ecuador.

Imagine the serenity of practicing yoga amongst ancient ruins


  • Join a beach yoga session in Brazil.

  • Attend a yoga festival in Mexico.

  • Visit a wellness retreat center in Argentina.

  • Join a small, private group class at the ruins in Belize.

Benefits of practicing yoga outdoors:

  • It can elevate the experience by merging the tranquility of the practice with the beauty and serenity of extraordinary environments.

  • Imagine flowing through sun salutations on a quiet beach at sunrise, the gentle sound of waves providing a natural rhythm to your breath.

  • Picture holding a tree pose on a mountaintop, surrounded by panoramic views that inspire a profound sense of connection with nature.

  • Get some fresh air on your cruise by flowing through yoga poses on the ship deck.

Even unconventional settings like botanical gardens, art museums, or historical landmarks can transform a typical yoga practice into a memorable and deeply enriching experience.

These unique locations not only enhance the physical aspects of yoga but also nourish the soul, fostering a deeper appreciation for the present moment and the world around us.

Combine two things you love, yoga and travel! Immerse yourself in the environment and in the culture. Come home renewed and energetic.

  • Stand up paddleboard yoga in Guatemala

  • Traditional yoga class at a retreat center in Costa Rica

  • Join a beachside yoga class in Nicaragua

  • How about goat yoga?! Goat yoga has proven to improve mental and physical health! And it's fun.

  • Underwater yoga in Belize!

Are you a Yogi who aspires to extend your practice to beautiful, unique places? We can make that happen.

-Karolina Guilcapi, founder


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