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Private tour to

Choose any date

Sample trip 7 days starting at $4,999 pp

Private tour means YOUR tour - together with a team of experts, organize a sophisticated itinerary based on your dates, interests, and budgets. Here are some ideas to consider in COLOMBIA:

~ Immerse yourself in the colors of Bogota, be it on a historical walk or a graffiti tour

~ Fall in love with the warmth of Cartagena - climate wise and the people!

~ Allow some time in the coffee district for small villages and tasty surprises

~ Unwind in the lush Tayrona National Park with its wildlife and cove beaches

~ Follow the route of Gabriel García Márquez to the sleepy charms of Mompox

Curious what culinary experiences await you? Here is a sample:

~ A day of Rosario island hopping followed by fragrant coconut rice and fried fish

~ Cool off with fresh tropical fruit from the numerous street vendors - try it with salt!

~ Explore the countryside of Bogota with a typical Andean lunch of hearty meat and potatoes

~ Enjoy many of our walking food tours through local markets

~ Three world: the coffee triangle

~ Learn how to make a traditional arepa during a hands on experience

and so much more...

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