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Sometimes you plan a whole trip around a lodge!

Chilcabamba Mountain Lodge - Cotopaxi National Park, Ecuador

Volcanoes, mountains, lagoons, and Incan ruins? What's not to love?

Chilcabamba Mountain Lodge is the perfect retreat. With a mountain playground at your doorstep, you have the chance to soak up the tremendous beauty of the Andes. We pride ourselves on working with entrepreneurial locals to help immerse our travelers into mountain life.

From hikes around Limpiopungo Lagoon to more strenuous climbs to the J. Ribas Refugio, we cater to all levels of interest and fitness. Guests can also visit Pucará Del Salitre - Incan ruins located in within the park. They are the remains of a strategic military fortress constructed during the Incan expansion led by the Incan emperor Tahuantinsuyo.

Experience the Andes with a truly local connection.

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