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Private tour to

Choose any date

Sample trip 8 days starting at $4,999 pp

Private tour means YOUR tour - together with a team of experts, organize a sophisticated itinerary based on your dates, interests, and budgets. Here are some ideas to consider in HONDURAS:

~ Get lost in the massive Mayan complex of Copan Ruins

~ Snorkel the day away on the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef

~ Dive in Utila, internationally known as a top dive destination

~ Master the rapids on the Rio Cangrejal

~ Discover Trujillo, Honduras’ most beautiful colonial cobble street town

Curious what culinary experiences await you? Here is a sample:

~ Join local street vendors for a tasty baleada

~ Sip pina coladas on the Caribbean island of Roatan

~ Eat at Angeli Gardens, a cross between a botanical garden and an elegant restaurant

~ Learn about the importance of the humble plato típico, a mountain of food and a national treasure.

and so much more...

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