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Private tour to

Choose any date

Sample trip 8 days starting at $4999 pp

Private tour means YOUR tour - together with a team of experts, organize a sophisticated itinerary based on your dates, interests, and budgets. Here are some ideas to consider in ISRAEL:

  • Step into the past with our private guides while exploring Old Jerusalem

  • Get some beach time whether it’s in the busy Tel Aviv area, or Caesarea, a quiet Aqueduct Beach

  • Take the Snake Path or a gondola ride to the Masada fortress

  • Not enough historical thrills? Join us for the Underground tour of Jerusalem.

  • Pay your respects at the Yad Vashem: Israel’s largest Holocaust memorial

  • Sleep in a Bedouin tent beneath the desert skies

Curious what culinary experiences await you? Here is a sample:

  • Join an authentic Shabbat dinner in Tel Aviv with one of our guide’s families.

  • Discover street art and street food on a walking tour of Jaffa.

  • Learn how to make hummus from scratch.

  • Meet a local Bedouin community and experience a tea ceremony.

and so much more...

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