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Private tour to

Choose any date

Sample trip 12 days starting at $4999 pp

Private tour means YOUR tour - together with a team of experts, organize a sophisticated itinerary based on your dates, interests, and budgets.. Here are some ideas to consider in LAOS:

  • Stand at the crescendo of the Pha Pheng waterfall

  • Visit the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Wat Phu Complex and the ancient town of Luang Prabang.

  • Explore Pak Ou natural caves that overlook the Mekong River

  • be sure to experience the Vientiane night market

  • Meet gentle giants at the Elephant Village Sanctuary in Luang Prabang

Curious what culinary experiences await you? Here is a sample:

  • Indulge on the Sinouk Coffee Tour (and you can even spend the night)

  • Enjoy Luang Prabang by Night on our tasting tour

  • Try Larb or laap, a meat based salad that is widely considered as Laos' national dish

  • Experience the Hungry Tuk Tuk ride as you taste your way through the city

  • Take a weaving and cooking class to learn skills from the locals

and so much more...

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