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We are a boutique tour operator offering carefully curated private tours with you in mind - a lover of travel and food. With an abundance of destinations to choose from, let's work together on your unique itinerary and enjoy our added flavors through tasting sessions, cooking classes, and hands-on experiences. 


Specializing in South America since 2006! 


What to expect? Climb that mountain, but enjoy a gourmet picnic on the way. Visit that city, and then taste the nightlife with a local chef. Mix cocktails. Make chocolate. Learn the culture through food. Sit at famous restaurants as well as rustic local kitchens. 

One thing is for sure - come home sated. 

How it works

Choose a destination and

tell us your preferred dates. 

Sated Team:
Creates a unique itinerary

to fit your needs.

Book the trip and pack your appetite for adventure!

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Travel with a

sense of taste!


We have been specializing in South & Central America since 2006, inspecting our destinations multiple times per year to offer you new and exciting options. Below are some of our favorite places for you to choose from. Contact us with your preferred dates, and we will cook up a proposal for you to review! The more you share about your interests and likes, the better the itinerary will be. 

Ready for more?

The Sated Ventures team are also experts in other delicious destinations around the world. Click below to choose our favorites in Africa, Asia, and Europe. Enjoy private tours and the same unique Sated Ventures experience that you already know and love.

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Sated Ventures has a focus on private tours. However, a few times a year we invite you to join us on a pre-set itinerary with other like minded travelers. The groups range from 8-14 people, and always include a leader, expert guides and local chefs. The itineraries include the destination's highlights with delicious twists and a unique Sated experience. Contact us for more details or to plan your own group tour!

Working with

Karolina Guilcapi


Karolina Guilcapi is a pleasure to work with, creative, responsive, a good communicator. Her ideas are a great mix that cover all the major sites and some out-of-the-way spots that few know about. She plans each trip as if it was for her own enjoyment. I consider her an integral part of my agency team.


Karolina G was efficient and available from start of planning till the end of trip. I remembered all the hard work she did and how easy it was to work with her. This vacation was a challenge to plan as it included my senior parents and my teenage children. In the past we have done guided tours but we needed something more personal this time.


Karolina Guilcapi gave us plenty of options and worked with us for a wonderful vacation. With Corona virus making the headlines we had to make changes to our schedule and Karolina accommodated all those changes and came up with a revised itinerary two days before we started our vacation.

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