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Amazon Jungle in Style

Life Aboard The ZAFIRO Amazon Cruise Ship - add it to your Machu Picchu Trip:

The Zafiro luxury riverboat, named after the Spanish word for “Sapphire,” lives up to its reputation as a jewel of the Amazon. With 19 suites, it sails from Iquitos, Peru.


  • 19 luxurious suites flaunting panoramic views from floor-to-ceiling windows

  • The Zafiro Suite is the most exclusive cabin in the Amazon with spectacular 180-degree views, private balcony, living room, telescope and bathtub

  • Guides are veteran leaders with over 20 years of experience on expeditions around the Peruvian Amazon and the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve

  • 24/7 paramedic on board offering complimentary medical checks

  • Exclusive cabin amenities including organic beauty products made in Peru

  • An international culinary experience featuring Amazonian fusion dishes paired with the best international wines, pisco cocktails and others alcoholic beverages

  • Two pairs of interconnectable suites are available, ideal for families

  • A dedicated kids program full of activities to inspire their curiosity for the natural world, plus a special souvenir for children

  • Two or three daily excursions aboard one of three skiff boats, with a maximum of 10 travelers per tour guide

Wake up in your MASTER Suite with a stunning Amazon sunrise:

Located at the front of the lower deck, with spectacular 90° panoramic windows, the Master Suites offer a fantastic view of the Amazon. Relax in the privacy and comfort of your own sitting area, find tranquility in the private bathroom with cotton bathrobes and Spanish style shower, and relax in its orthopedic beds with pure cotton sheets and pillows of 100% pure natural latex.

Or choose the ZAFIRO suite:

This remarkable suite at the front of the upper deck features a window wall with 180° view allowing unobstructed views of the river as you navigate, and a balcony where you can unwind. The bathroom has a jacuzzi-style bathtub for you to soak in, and the spacious sitting area features a minifridge and sofa.


Connecting cabins

Cabins with balconies

Air conditioning

Pool / Jacuzzi

Exercise room

Massage room

Lecture room

Wheelchair access

Kosher Meals

Medical staff

Satellite phone

Kayaks / Canoes

Fishing equipment

Yoga mats

ITINERARY SUGGESTION: 1 Flight to Lima and private transfer to hotel.

2 Lima exploration with our guide, tasting your way across this colorful city.

3 Flight to Iquitos and board your luxury Cruise ZAFIRO.

4 Touring the Amazon on the Zafiro. All experiences and meals included.

5 Touring the Amazon on the Zafiro.

6 Touring the Amazon on the Zafiro.

7 Flight to Cuzco and acclimate in the Sacred Valley.

8 Spend a day exploring the best of the valley with a pachamanca ceremony.

9 Scenic train to Machu Picchu and visit the citadel.

10 Sunrise dedicated to the ruins, then a beautiful train to Cuzco.

11 The best of Cuzco with our historian guide and horses at the fortress.

12 Flight home or continue with us to Lake Titicaca!

CRUISE DATES AVAILABLE FOR 2023 (day 4 on itinerary above): Jul 8 — Jul 12

Jul 22 — Jul 26

Jul 29 — Aug 2

Aug 5 — Aug 9

Sep 23 — Sep 27

Oct 21 — Oct 25

Nov 11 — Nov 15

Nov 18 — Nov 22

Want the full itinerary and pricing?

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