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Flying Dress Photoshoot? Yes, we do that.

It all started in the windy hills of Greece. With the enchanting backdrop of Santorini, a local photographer defied gravity as he captured his subject taking flight in a magically long dress. Designed to dance with the wind, the dress instantly transformed the model into a goddess.

And a trend was born.

Today we are thrilled to arrange the ever so popular flying dress photoshoot in a multitude of destinations - from the beaches of Tulum, Mexico, to the glacial waterfalls of Iceland!

The photoshoot is an immediate winner amongst friends, groups of women, and those celebrating a special occasion. It's a visual masterpiece - and lots of fun, especially when the team of assistants catapults themselves in the air to make the dresses fly! They usually hide behind the fabric!

FUN FACT: there are 3 people in the above photo!

Where would you arrange a flying dress photoshoot?

Tulum, Mexico

Santorini, Greece

Cartagena, Colombia


Paris, France

Dubai, UAE

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