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I did not bring a camera on my African Safari - and this is what happened.

Kenya and Tanzania are often a once in a lifetime adventure. Filled with an abundance of wildlife and wonder, visits here take years of planning and the most common question we get is: how to pack for it all!

When the time came for us to visit, we quickly decided to use small aircrafts to get around and see as many parks as we can - after all, the more we see, the more we can share with you! The alternative are long hours on bumpy roads - and combined with long hours on game drives already, flying around the parks makes the most sense (ask me for routings, we have so many options!)

When faced with the strict luggage limits on some of the flights (33 pounds total), packing and planning made the trip feel REAL right away! With a short list of items for 14 days of continuous travel, we looked at our bulky camera equipment, looked at each other, and decided to leave it behind. (want a copy of my packing list?)

Now, we travel a lot. Quarter of each year is dedicated to learning, inspecting, and improving. And all I remember is carrying heavy camera bags, bulky straps, and so much stress that comes with expensive equipment. Suddenly, this trip felt light and free. Our phones were our only gadgets.

We did pack a tripod, invested in fantastic binoculars with a phone attachment, and of course my selfie stick came too! (ask me for links to our binoculars)

Did we regret not having our jumbo lens? Maybe once, to catch the lion's quivering whiskers or stare closer into the wise eyes of the elephants. But the regret passed quickly as we focused more on just enjoying being amongst the animals, and each other's company.

The season of the Serengeti migration and the absolute saturation of animals in the Ngorongoro, caused us to be surrounded nonstop by hundreds, sometimes thousands, of animals. No super cameras were required to capture gold images!

Having less "stuff" allowed space in our bags for beautiful gifts from local communities. And most lodges offered laundry services daily!

The airlines are extremely strict about the luggage... on paper. Once we got to the various airfields, no one weighed our bags. Not once!

14 days was the perfect combination of safari game drives, bustling cities, colorful communities, and then the beaches of Zanzibar. All captured on my trusty android.

My favorite part? The fascination of the selfie - seeing their faces for the first time!

Interested in more on Kenya and Tanzania?

Email It is a trip of a lifetime.

- Karolina Guilcapi

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