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As the year comes to an end, we are amazed at the amount of Christmas and New Year's Eve bookings already confirmed! It is definitely a year of planning ahead - everyone seems to want to end 2023 on a good note, in a beautiful place. Interested in joining? Do not worry - Sated Ventures has plenty of ideas and availability for you to review!

Here are the top 5 destinations booked for December 2023:


As the hottest destination of 2023 overall, it is no surprise that the Galapagos islands are the top choice for the holiday season. December means warm and calm waters for snorkeling and diving, and the abundance of first class yachts and beautiful hotels offer guests a variety of experiences.

Glamping with tortoises? We got that. Cruising on a smooth trimaran? Yes. Snorkeling with marine iguanas, hiking lava rocks and red sand beaches, observing animal colonies, and enjoying the no predator = no fear aspect? All included!

Choose a large ship, a 16 person yacht, or hotel island hopping, and we will handle the rest.

10 day December itineraries start at $9,999 per person - get details HERE.


A long time favorite for beach lovers, Costa Rica has the added bonus of jungles spilling into the ocean. This means while some enjoy basking in the sun and sand, others can zip line, ride horses in the forest, track sloths and howler monkeys, and stay active with hanging bridges and volcanoes. Hot springs aplenty. Delicious experiences with local farmers included.

Costa Rica has some of the most luxurious accommodations in Latin America - with safari style luxury tents with infinity pools, to romantic and secluded retreats. Families, couples, and groups of friends all welcome to the Pura Vida lifestyle!

10 day December itineraries start at $7,999 per person - get details HERE.


Who hasn’t dreamt of Africa? A well done safari is a mix of glorious animal encounters, comfortable vehicles and amenities, and fabulous accommodations to end the days with. What’s more are the surprises - the sunrises in a hot air balloon, and the sundowners in the bush. The mix of wildlife and local communities. The African storytellers and the bustling markets. Depending on the country, beaches and islands are the perfect compliment to a game drive itinerary. Ask us about South Africa, Tanzania, Botswana, Kenya, Namibia or Zimbabwe today!

14 day December itineraries start at $15,999 per person - get details HERE.


Belize feels like it is just a hop and a skip away - no jetlag, no long flights, and the language, food, and currency all feel vaguely familiar. Life is easy in Belize, and as soon as you land, you relax.

A tiny country filled with hundreds of wonders! The jungles filled with jaguars and home to the best birdwatching in the Americas. The coastline brimming with culture, color, and delicious food. The archipelago with its reef and stunning snorkeling and diving opportunities. The ruins and rich culture of the Mayans. Hotels have local flavor and plenty of luxurious amenities. Come for the beaches, but stay for the adventure.

10 day December itineraries start at $7,999 per person - get details HERE.


Peru is always a good idea. December marks the start of the green season, where Machu Picchu is shrouded in a romantic mist, and afternoons are meant for siestas while possible showers fall. Everything starts blooming and the valleys are lush. That does not stop thousands of visitors from arriving for the holidays. Main squares are filled with flowers and indigenous festivities, as religions and customs collide. Hotels are all celebrating and the weather is mild enough for short sleeves during excursions. Add the colorful Lake Titicaca or the Paracas desert to your trip for a special touch!

10 day December itineraries start at $8,999 per person - get details HERE.

Looking for something else? Scaling glaciers in Patagonia, hiking the rolling hills of Vietnam, or enjoying the winter markets of Europe? Let us know and we will get you samples for review:

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