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Trip report by Sofia, age 11

February 20, 2023

Have you ever been to Peru? Well, I have! Me and my mom went on a trip there last week and I’m going to tell you all about it. We woke up very early to catch a flight to Miami, when we landed, we stayed at the airport until we had our next flight to lima which was a 5-hour flight!

The flight to Lima was nice because I got to rest, eat, and chill. The flight attendant served us a disgusting cream cheese and ham sandwich. So, I ate a brownie instead. When we landed in Lima, we exchanged our American money to Soles so we could buy some cool souvenirs. We took an hour ride to a super fancy hotel called Iberostar where we were going to stay in until our next flight to the jungle.

We stayed in Lima for 3 nights. Then we were off to the jungle! When we landed in the Amazon jungle, we took an hour drive to our Delfin cruise. When we got to the dock where our cruise was, we had to take a short skiff ride since the boat was already docked in the water. When we arrived at the boat our tour guide assigned us to our cabins. Me and my mom got the master suite named “Delfin”.

We stayed 5 days on the cruise and here’s what we did. We took a 3-hour trail in the jungle, which was exhausting, and hot but at the same time it was very cool how our tour guide pointed out cool insects and animals. On our way back from the trail we took high hanging bridges. I was not a big fan of this since I have a huge fear of heights. Looking down at the trees made my heart drop. But my guide Sandro was so nice and stayed with me the whole time. We also went fishing on the skiff and caught many piranhas, but sadly we put them back into the water since they were too small to cook, so we didn’t bring anything back.

We also saw tons of monkeys and threw bananas at them to eat, and they actually caught them! We stayed on the skiff until sundown so we could take a night exploration. Sandro our guide spotted a baby black caiman in the pitch-black water! Crazy right? When my mom woke up the next morning, we had friends in our pool! Big black crickets with lizard feet, they were so many of them it was so disgusting. We also got to visit local villages and meet local kids who were so excited to meet me. Oh and also we made a friend named Charlette. Charlette was a spider living on a night light on the side of our bed. Eventually we got rid of it because I was not going to sleep knowing there’s a spider next to our bed! We also had a Ceviche cooking class, and a pisco sour class!

On the last night after dinner some main crew members gathered and sang songs and danced. Their band name was “Chunky Monkeys”, and Jose the waiter/server sang beautifully, and they all did so well! I had such a good time on this trip, and I hope you go some day too.

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Pike Bedell
Pike Bedell
10 mar. 2023

Hello! Sounds fun(besides the cream cheese lol). Well, I have always loved Peru and the amazon rainforest so now I know what it is like.

Pike, age 11

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