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Culinary Anthropology Tours

Updated: Feb 13


Travel with a sense of taste.

"When I was a little girl, I loved watching Indiana Jones with my father. The temples and far away jungles enticed me. The adventures of discovering long lost ruins enamored me. There were strange people, crazy meals, and so much mystery. I thought I would surely grow up to be an archaeologist, just like Dr. Jones!

I began traveling the world, quickly falling in love with Latin America. I have spent the last 20 years exploring remote corners of this colorful continent. But while my husband studied the local ruins, and my kids crawled around caves in search of treasure, I often found myself drawn to the local people instead. I wanted a peek into their homes, a glimpse into their lives, a taste of their food.

I quickly discovered that instead of archaeology, it was anthropology that was meant for me. As I continued to plan my travel around the indigenous communities I would visit, and the markets and tables I would eat at, I knew that culinary anthropology would be the heart of every Sated Ventures tour. You do not have to be a foodie to travel with us, but know that you will eat well.

You may not understand the language, and the culture may be confusing, but once you break bread with the local community, you are connected. Food is the one thing we all have in common. Food connects us all."

-Karolina Guilcapi

Every dish has a story.

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Sated Ventures private tours include:

Tasting tours.

Chef guided experiences.

Cooking Workshops.

Home meals.

Chocolate making.

Foraging tours.

Wine pairings.

Learning local traditions.

Mixology classes.

Market visits.

Restaurant Reservations.

Spice markets and gardens.

Speakeasies and hidden gems.

White glove picnics in the wild.

Experience culture through food.

Hungry yet? Email us:

Karolina Guilcapi founded Sated Ventures in order to create a love affair between food and travel. She has been managing private journeys for her clients for the last 18 years, and has personally visited Latin America 43 times.

Karolina's mission is to leave you utterly satisfied.

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