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Your Antarctica Whale Encounter at 50% Off!

Updated: Apr 24

In February, we went to the last continent, and this is what I learned:

1 Leopard seals are terrifying when in the water, but quite photogenic on land.

2 Yes, we celebrate wildlife sightings with champagne daily.

3 Whales have the most curious and gentle personality as they follow the ship throughout the journey.

4 Exercising is much more fun on the top deck of a luxury ship surrounded by icebergs.

5 Balcony rooms mean hot coffee at sunrise bundled in fluffy robes, breathing in fresh Arctic air, and smiling to the sounds of the waves (and whales!)

6 Penguins should have their own reality channel, they are complete characters!

7 The Polar Plunge is a true tradition.

8 Don’t put off this adventure for too long - the excursions are fabulous and sometimes strenuous, so do not hesitate, and go now!

Watch my very special whale encounter here:

Want Antarctica but only have a week to travel?

A typical cruise to Antarctica is 9 days long. 4 of these days are used to cross the Drake Passage. You never know if you will get the Drake Lake or the Drake Shake, and so this crossing is one of the main reasons why so many people avoid the trip altogether.

Happy to report that we are offering our fly-cruise program skipping the passage, including a charter flight to King George Island, and a 5 night cruise to Antarctica! Spend your time where YOU want to!

Sample itinerary:

Nov 24 - Arrival in Santiago, Chile. Reception and private transfer to hotel.

Nov 25 - Santiago day for touring, wine tasting, and visiting the colorful Valparaiso.

Nov 26 - Private transfer to the airport for flight to Patagonia (pro tip: before your cruise, add 3 nights in Torres del Paine! Ask me how). Reception and transfer to hotel in Punta Arenas.

Nov 27 - Exploration day in Punta Arenas, then charter flight to King George Island where we will board the World Voyager cruise. Antarctica here we come!

Nov 28 - Exploring the South Shetland Islands – Captain’s Choice

Nov 29 - Exploring the Antarctic Peninsula – Captain’s Choice

Nov 30 - Exploring the Antarctic Peninsula – Captain’s Choice

Dec 01 - Exploring the Antarctic Peninsula – Captain’s Choice

Dec 02 - Say goodbye to the ship and board charter flight to Punta Arenas. Hotel arranged.

Dec 03 - Transfer to the airport for flight to Santiago and connect with flight home.

Want to experience Patagonia as well? Add 3 nights at Torres del Paine for hiking, biking, and exploring the lands of the gauchos.

Why November?

November is breeding season in Antarctica so prepare for a lot of mating activity amongst the various species. Elephant seals will be courting and massive groups of Albatross will be covering the skies.

All 3 penguin species (Adelie, chinstrap & gentoo) will be looking for mates, building nests, and laying eggs. Migratory whales such as humpback, fin, blue and minke will be arriving in Antarctica to feed.

You can expect mild temperatures on the Antarctic Peninsula, around 34 degrees Fahrenheit or higher!

Ready for the best part? Our veranda cabins are half off for this November departure!

Published price: $21,299 PER PERSON

There are only a few veranda cabins left.

Are you coming?


And did you hear the latest news?

We WON the A-List Travel Expert Title from the prestigious Travel+Leisure Magazine for 2024!

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