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Eat your heart out, Brazil!

No really - come to Brazil to experience this foodie paradise. Choose any dates and we will customize the trip around your needs - drink champagne overlooking Rio's Corcovado, cook with local chefs, play drums and explore markets of Salvador da Bahia, and then immerse yourself in the Amazon jungle.



Day 1 - Wednesday 09-Oct-2024: Overnight flight

Day 2 - Thursday 10-Oct-2024: Arrive in Rio de Janeiro

Day 3 - Friday 11-Oct-2024: Rio de Janeiro

Day 4 - Saturday 12-Oct-2024: Rio de Janeiro

Day 5 - Sunday 13-Oct-2024: Salvador

Day 6 - Monday 14-Oct-2024: Salvador

Day 7 - Tuesday 15-Oct-2024: Salvador

Day 8 - Wednesday 16-Oct-2024: Salvador - Manaus

Day 9 - Thursday 17-Oct-2024: Manaus - Private Amazon Refuge

Day 10 - Friday 18-Oct-2024: Private Amazon Refuge

Day 11 - Saturday 19-Oct-2024: Private Amazon Refuge

Day 12 - Sunday 20-Oct-2024: Private Amazon Refuge - Manaus - Home

Day 13 - Monday 21-Oct-2024: Arrival home


Day 1: Wednesday 09-Oct-2024

Overnight flight to Brazil

Day 2:Thursday 10-Oct-2024

Arrive in Rio de Janeiro


Airport arrival in Rio de Janeiro, where we will be met by a private driver guide and transferred to our hotel in the city. We'll soon start to understand why Rio de Janeiro has been called the Wonderful City, or Magnificent City, for for over a century. It's inspired artists and composers from all over the world. The city's unique beauty, rich culture, and geographical diversity with mountains, tropical forest and stunning beaches provide the perfect setting for adventurous travelers. Explore the local culture, be active, taste the local cuisine, and experience the arts. There's a lot to see and do here.

Afternoon Bem-te-vi trail & Sugarloaf with sunset - 4h:

We begin this tour by driving to Praia Vermelha in Urca neighborhood, the beach where the Sugarloaf cable car station is located. From there, we will go on a small trek* along the Pista Claudio Coutinho trail, which is also known as Caminho Bem Te Vi. This is the easiest and most famous track in Rio de Janeiro, it is only 1,250 meters, and is safe and impossible to get lost. The hike takes about 45 minutes at most, walking slowly. It provides a great opportunity to enjoy the woods and its sounds and animals, such as marmosets and numerous birds. The trail ends at the top of Morro da Urca. From there, we will take the cable car to the top of Sugarloaf. At the top of Sugarloaf, we will enjoy a glass of sparkling wine (or other beverage of our choice) as we appreciate the view and beautiful sunset! The descent will also be done via cable car and finally we return to the vehicle towards the hotel. *Note that should we arrive at the bottom of Moro da Urca and decide to take the cable car right to the top, without walking the trail, that is possible at no additional cost.

Later, in the evening, we will visit one of Rio de Janeiro's finest restaurants, which is also a Michelin star restaurant: Lasai. here, we will enjoy their tasting 7-course menu (drinks not included).

3 nights at the Hotel Arpoador | Grande Room

Hotel Arpuador - Literally on the beach and located at this idyllic junction between Ipanema and Copacabana, you will be able to enjoy the day at the beach until sunset, hang out at the local bars for an informal drink, and follow with a special dinner at some of Rio’s most delightful restaurants. All of this at a walking distance from the best of both worlds, where the city meets the sea.

Day 3:Friday 11-Oct-2024

Rio de Janeiro

B, D

Morning Vida Carioca tour (by car) - 6h: On this day we will learn and live the lifestyle of the cariocas. We’ll visit the historic and commercial center of Rio, highlighting the Metropolitan Cathedral of São Sebastião and the Saara neighborhood. We will have the opportunity to see the customs, commerce and joy of the Carioca people. We will stop to try a delicious natural juice made with tropical fruits and at the end we will have time for lunch at a restaurant of our choosing. Our guide can suggest some options. After this we will return to our hotel.

Evening Cooking Class and dinner with chef Simone Almeida - 6h:

Later, in the evening, we will go on a personal cultural and gastronomic experience. This activity consists of learning how to cook several Brazilian recipes in a fun cooking class. During the class, along with the recipe, the chef explains to customers the origin and nutritional benefits of totally exotic ingredients, besides discovering different flavors. At the end of the lesson, guests savor the dish cooked and after that, they return to the hotel. Menu options: Moqueca or feijoada (bean stew). During our class, we will unlimited caipirinhas, Brazil's national cocktail.

Day 4:Saturday 12-Oct-2024

Rio de Janeiro

B, D

Morning Corcovado & Tijuca Forest - 4h:

We’ll go to the Corcovado. After reaching the mountain base we'll go up by train through the beautiful and lush nature of the Tijuca Forest. The Corcovado is 710 meters high and is one of the most famous hills in Brazil and the world for its Cristo Redentor statue, 38 meters high and one of the seven wonders of the MODERN world. Here we''ll have a fantastic panoramic view of the city. Then we go back to the train to return to the base and right after we take a panoramic tour along Rio’s South beaches until arriving at the hotel. Free afternoon.

Evening dining experience at the "Chef's Table" at Cipirani Restaurant (located inside the Belmond Copacabana Palace Hotel). This experience lets us take a seat in a secluded corner of the kitchen of Cipirani restaurant as the chef prepares a personalized menu before our eyes! The menu is paired with wines.

Day 5:Sunday 13-Oct-2024

Rio de Janeiro - Salvador


At the appropriate time, according to our flight schedule, we will be transferred from our hotel in Copacabana to the airport in Rio de Janeiro. Flight to Salvador, reception, and private transfer from Salvador airport to Hotel in Salvador.

Salvador is the capital of the Brazilian state that will host us throughout our trip. Declared cultural heritage and known as "Terra de Todos os Santos," Salvador is the cradle of Afro-Brazilian culture, the result of cultural mixing of colonization and European evangelization, African traditions and beliefs that slaves brought and some traditions left by the few Indians who survived.

3 Nights at the Hotel Casa do Amarelindo | Standard Room

A Casa do Amarelindo is a charming hotel set in an old 19th century mansion, completely renovated, in the heart of Pelourinho, the historic downtown of Salvador, declared by UNESCO in 1985, famous for its colorful houses, its splendid Baroque churches, its museums, and its typical slopes from which the sound of a batucada or a demonstration of capoeira always emerges. The apartments have acoustic insulation of the doors and windows; everything was thought to provide a maximum well-being, far from the cheerful agitation of the streets of Pelourinho.

Day 6:Monday 14-Oct-2024


B, L, D

Full day African Heritage Upper City & Lower City with lunch - 8h. Morning African Heritage Upper City with Bahian Gastronomy Museum: We trace the African roots of Salvador on a city tour combining the residential areas at the mouth of the bay and continue to the older Historical Center of Salvador, the Pelourinho area. We visit the Afro-Brazilian Museum, which traces the West African origins of the city, and see the superb wooden sculpted panels of the orixá's by Salvador's most celebrated artist, Carybé, one of the city's treasures. We visit the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary, the famous Black church, built with meager resources over a period of almost 100 years in the heart of the famed Pelourinho Square so called after the pillory or whipping post that stood in the main square. In this square, we also visit the intimate Bahian Gastronomy Museum, which focuses on the African influence on Bahia cuisine.

Next, we stop for lunch at the city's culinary school, Senac, which has an extensive buffet that will allow us to sample a variety of dishes and expand their perceptions of Bahian cuisine.

Afternoon Lower City Tour Salvador:

Complementing our Essential Salvador excursion, the Lower City tour offers another perspective of the sprawling city, passing the Tororo Lagoon with the imposing statues of the candomblé orixas in mid-lake, and the towering Arena Fonte Nova football stadium built for the World Cup. From here we drive us to the quiet waters of the Itapagipe Peninsula where life moves at a slower pace than the bustling upper city. Fishermen fish from dug out canoes, locals collect shellfish at low tide, schooners lie at anchor, all protected by the famous Bonfim church, one of the most important churches of pilgrimage in Brazil and deeply syncretised with the Candomblé. We stop en route at the iconic Sorveteria da Ribeira ice cream parlor offering a myriad of tropical fruit sorbets since 1931. We continue to the Monserrat district with its panoramic view of the bay and city beyond and on to the Mercado Modelo, a thriving market for local artifacts and souvenirs.

Evening dinner with Bahia's Folkloric Ballet show:

By Night we leave bound for Miguel Santana Theatre to watch the presentation of the Companhia de Balé Folclórico da Bahia. The company performs in the intimacy of Miguel Santana Theatre in the Pelourinho in a seamless presentation of the multiple African traditions that shape Bahian culture. We will see the sacred dances of Candomblé; “puxada de rede” a song by fishermen in honor of Yemanja, the goddess of the sea; maculelê, a stick and sword dance acrobatics with its origins in the cane fields; capoeira, a martial art / dance of Angolan origin and the samba de roda, a spinning, a version of this exuberant national dance.

At the end of the show, we'll have dinner at Cuco Bistro, a charming and elegant restaurant in the historic center of Salvador, known for its sophisticated menu with regional cuisine. Just enter to feel the atmosphere of the place. Artworks by various popular artists are strewn across the walls.

Day 7:Tuesday 15-Oct-2024


B, L

Morning ​Markets and Cuisine: "Class at Chef's home" - 5h: There is no other regional cuisine in Brazil is as distinctive as that of Bahia where Mediterranean, African, indigenous and Asian influences form the basis of this truly unique cuisine.

Seasoning for Bahian cuisine is a blend fresh coriander leaf (cilantro), garlic, limes, black pepper, all with their origins in either Mediterranean countries or further east in Asia.

The challenge is to bring all of these together and no better way than with the assistance of leading local chef. We meet with our chef at a bustling local market, source for all of the ingredients for the moqueca, Bahian cuisine’s signature dish. A subtle blend of the above ingredients, the moqueca is a seafood dish prepared in an earthenware wok-like dish and brought to the table directly from the stove, a delight for the eyes, nostril and palate. Dessert will also draw on the imported seasonings such as clove and cinnamon.

After lunch, we will experience another big part of the local culture: percussion. We will experience a 1h percussion workshop. Bahia is the percussive heart of Brazil, its rhythmic soul is African, with a dizzying myriad of rhythms that has attracted many international musicians to its shores. The workshop will take place at a studio under the professional guidance of a local percussion expert, who will contextualize the various aspects of the percussive jungle that is Bahia, with a focus on the most important and accessible rhythms in a workshop that is instructive, interactive, interesting and fun. This is a great option for families where participants who feel comfortable may handle various instruments. After this we return to the hotel to rest before a fun evening of exploring the city's Bohemian district.

By Night Boteco Tour Rio Vermelho (Brazilian Tapas) - 4h: Later, we leave bound for the Rio Vermelho neighborhood, which has plenty of bars, restaurants and (botecos) pubs, the last being key to the charm of the neighborhood where the boteco tradition represents a bohemian lifestyle, offering an informal atmosphere where friends meet and drink an ice cold beer or their favorite cachaça, always accompanied by snacks. The neighborhood is also home to three of the most famous acarajé Baianas in the city that sell the best of Bahian street food. Rounding out Rio Vermelho’s attractions, we’ll hear the best local live music in its many forms, from traditional to contemporary, that all the bars offer.

As an alternative, instead of Boteco Tour in the evening, we can visit one of the city's BEST restaurants - Mangamar - where we can enjoy dinner consisting of their tasting menu paired with wines.

Day 8:Wednesday 16-Oct-2024

Salvador - Manaus


Private transfer from Hotel in Salvador to Salvador airport for your flight to Manaus, arriving by 2pm. Airport arrival at Manaus, the capital of the Brazilian Amazon and the central point to start all excursions into the Amazon jungle.

Private City Tour in Manaus - 3h: We leave the hotel and drive through the the typical neighborhoods until reaching the Manaus floating dock, which is located in the city center. Here, we make a short stop at the municipal market. To reach the municipal market building - which was faithfully modelled after the now defunct Les Halles Market in Paris - we first pass the banana fair and then the fish market. Next, we pass in front of the Rio Negro Palace, the state legislation building, and then we will visit the external area of the Palace of Justice before ending the tour with an internal visit of the Amazonas Theatre, surely one of the main tourist attractions in Manaus. After this we return to the hotel.

Night at the Hotel Villa Amazonia | Standard Room

Located in Manaus, 70m from Manaus Courthouse, the Villa Amazônia is a 5-star hotel with a swimming pool, a restaurant, a fitness center, and a garden. The property has air-conditioned rooms with free WiFi, each with a private bathroom. Local points of interest like the Amazon Theater and the Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceicao are reachable within 600m. The rooms in the hotel are equipped with a flat-screen TV and cable channels. The Hotel Villa Amazônia offers some rooms with a pool view, and rooms are fitted with a terrace. All units will provide guests with a desk and a coffee machine.

Day 9:Thursday 17-Oct-2024

Manaus - Private Amazon Refuge

B, L, D

3N/4D Private Refuge: Exclusive Jungle Lodge Experience: Our journey begins in Manaus, the capital of the Amazon. After breakfast, we will be greeted and transported to our exclusive private REFUGE. Nestled in a remote yet accessible location, just a two-hour drive from Manaus, it strikes the perfect balance between seclusion and convenience. Tucked outside the township of Presidente Figueiredo, in the heart of the northeast Amazon, our Refuge spans 300 hectares of pristine and lush rainforest, featuring a diverse array of natural habitats to explore.

The private refuge jungle lodge is exclusively reserved for us, thereby ensuring a tranquil and intimate setting that is perfect for reconnecting with nature and decompressing. Accommodations are elegantly rustic, blending seamlessly with the lush rainforest surroundings to provide an authentic and comfortable stay. Over the next few days we will partake in various activities that mix ecotourism, science, and conservation, ensuring that we leave a positive impact on the local environment and surrounding communities. After getting settled in, we will immerse ourselves in the charm of the town of Presidente Figueiredo by exploring its local market and enjoying a regional lunch led by our expert guide. After lunch, we will visit to one of the region's most beautiful waterfalls.

3 nights at the Private Amazon Refuge

Included: private transfer to the lodge with driver + English speaking guide, private activities with English speaking guide, private refuge with privately served meals (wine, beer, juice, soft drinks and water served with lunch and dinner), coffee, tea, and snacks full board, local guides and lodge staff, activities according to our preferences, accommodations

At Amazon Emotions, we’ve redefined the journey to the Amazon by dedicating ourselves to establishing a more intimate connection with the rainforest. Unlike the typical jungle lodges of the Rio Negro, our boutique wilderness retreat, Refuge, offers a comfortable and exclusive experience in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest. Our emphasis on local ambiance, privacy, tranquility, proximity to nature, and ecological commitment greatly enriches our visitors' experience. This setting provides a familiar, immersive, and private environment where visitors won’t share accommodations with other guests. Our accommodations can comfortably house up to eight people in two suites with private hot and cold showers, toiletries, fresh linens and towels, hair dryers, ceiling fans, reading desks with chairs, 110V electrical outlets, reading lamps, umbrellas, purified drinking water, daily housekeeping, screened windows, and private decks with seating and hammocks. With all these amenities, you’ll have everything you need to unwind and bask in the beauty of nature. A highlight of your stay will be our interactive kitchen,featuring a traditional wood stove and stocked with organic fruits and vegetables grown on-site. Gather around the campfire for engaging conversations, and indulge in outdoor and board games for endless entertainment. Discover the epitome of excellence at the Refuge, where you can partake in a wide array of outdoor activities, delight in family-oriented programming, and even host your own private events.

Days 10 & 11:Friday 18-Oct-2024 & Saturday 19-Oct-2024

Private Amazon Refuge

B, L, D

Exclusive Jungle Lodge Experience: Here, in the Amazon highlands, we will be able to appreciate panoramic views, explore cascading waterfalls, and immerse ourselves in the tranquil and unique ecosystems that define this elevated realm within the vast rainforest.

Over the next few days, we will be able to choose from a variety of 'à la carte' activities, including jungle treks, night expeditions, fauna identification, and jungle-to-table culinary experiences. Day and night nature walks led by biologists reveal the rich natural treasures of the Amazon highlands. Within the nature reserve is the Physics Institute, a pioneering conservation initiative that harmonizes science, ecotourism and conservation.

Activities to enjoy:

Explore the local market in the quaint town of Presidente Figueiredo

Learn about medicinal plants

Learn about local flora and fauna

Hands-on workshop with natural fibers

Rejuvenate amidst a waterfall

Observe bioluminescent mushrooms during nocturnal tours (depending on weather conditions)

Embark on a distinctive journey through the Amazon rainforest with a jungle-to-table culinary experience

Enjoy nocturnal wildlife tours

BioBlitz: finding and identifying species

Among the specific activities offered are: learning about medicinal plants, learning about the local flora and fauna, participating in a hands-on workshop with natural fibers, observing bioluminescent mushrooms on nocturnal tours (depending on weather conditions, embarking on a distinctive journey through the Amazon rainforest with a jungle-to-table culinary experience, finding and identifying various species.

The gastronomy at the refuge is also a highlight, incorporating elevated dining with nature. During our stay, we will immerse ourselves in an unrivaled gastronomic journey that combines audacity and ingenuity. The refuge's visionary chef, inspired by nature’s bounty and exquisite flavors, will craft nourishing and artful dishes, with a menu reflective of the seasons and locally sourced ingredients. Our meals will be thoughtfully balanced and accompanied by fresh juices and delightful treats. We accommodate dietary needs, ensuring peace of mind.

Day 12:Sunday 20-Oct-2024

Private Amazon Refuge - Manaus - Home


We will enjoy breakfast and our last morning before checking out of the lodge, and returning to Manaus. Upon arrival in Manaus, we will be privately transferred to the airport for your international flight home. Flight should be after 1pm.


Based on 2 adults: $9,499 per person


Internal flights within the itinerary;

hotel accommodations as listed with breakfast and taxes included;

meals as specified by B L D on the itinerary;

airport transfers and all land transportation during tours;

English speaking guides for all tours included;

entrance fees and gate fees for all tours listed;

Not included:

international airfare from home and back

any meals or activities not listed;


personal expenses,

any additional visas, vaccinations or mandatory documents;

travel insurance.


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